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ANES Opens the Online Commons
 June 30, 2015

On June 30, 2015, the American National Election Studies (ANES) began accepting proposals for questions to include on our 2016 Pilot Study and the ANES 2016 Time Series Study. Proposals may be submitted through the ANES Online Commons. The following describes the goals of these studies and the opportunity to include questions on them.

About the Online Commons

The Online Commons (OC) provides for ANES decision-making to be open and transparent. The OC constitutes a forum for individuals to offer ANES constructive feedback, a vehicle for improving and amending proposals, and an opportunity to measure the extent to which a particular proposal is supported by previous empirical work, current theory, and/or a sizeable scholarly community. Interaction on the Online Commons is a critical mechanism for building and maintaining the ANES as an innovative and broadly-relevant scientific instrument, while also enhancing the effectiveness of related studies.

To further encourage participation in the OC, we have changed some of our policies and procedures. Individuals no longer have to register and provide a password to participate in the forum. ANES will no longer collect information about OC participants. All are encouraged to send proposals and to provide constructive feedback on the proposals of others. Individuals will be required to provide a name and a valid email address to participate in the discussion.

ANES staff will continue to post proposals on behalf of authors. The forums will also now be moderated. All participants must adhere to our code of conduct. ANES staff will do an initial review of all comments to ensure that the code is followed.

About The ANES 2016 Pilot Study

The ANES Pilot Study is currently scheduled to be in the field in January 2016 to test new questions for the Time Series. We invite all those who have innovative ideas to propose them for testing in this study. This study allows for the gathering of evidence regarding how particular questions perform in real surveys. Based on analysis from the pilot study, proposed questions may be included in future ANES studies. The interviews will last approximately 20 minutes, and almost all of this time will be available for administering new questions. The questionnaire will be administered via internet. Proposals received earlier will receive greater attention from the ANES community and are likely to be advantaged in the review process as a result. For more information on how we will evaluate and choose amongst proposals, please visit the ANES Online Commons.

About the ANES 2016 Time Series Study

Content for the ANES 2016 Time Series Study will primarily evolve from three sources: previous ANES Time Series questionnaires, new questions that performed well in the Pilot Study, and proposals received via the ANES Online Commons (OC) specifically for the Time Series Study.

Proposals for the inclusion of questions directly to the Time Series Study must include clear theoretical and empirical rationales. In other words, these proposals can only include questions that have been asked in previous studies and have proven their merit. All proposals must also clearly state how the questions will increase the value of the Time Series Study. In particular, proposed questions must have the potential to help scholars understand the causes and/or consequences of turnout or candidate choice.

Deadline for Proposals

The ANES Online Commons will accept proposals for the Pilot Study and the Time Series until 3:00pm Eastern Time on September 14, 2015. The deadline for comments is September 21, 2015. The deadline for revisions to proposals is at 3:00pm Eastern Time on September 28, 2015.

Tools To Assist Your Proposal Development

The ANES "Core" Utility

For each new ANES Time Series study, questionnaire content represents both new items and previously-used Time Series questions. Questions for a new study are selected with either Core or non-Core status; that is, they are considered essential to the continuation of the Time Series, or not. Any questions new to the Time Series are automatically designated non-Core. Non-Core items, either new or previously asked, may be recommended for inclusion but may be cut if necessary.

The Core Utility lists all survey questions from ANES Time Series studies according to the Core or non-Core status which was assigned to them for the most recent Time Series study.

ANES Search Utility

This utility searches ANES Time Series study codebooks to locate questions and variables by keyword. Search results can be full variable documentation or question text only

Please note that there are some limitations to the utility that are documented on the search help page. Also, this utility is current to the ANES 2008 Time Series Study; it does not, at this time, include information from the 2012 study.

We hope that you will find these tools useful as you prepare your proposals.

Additional Information

Additional information about the proposal process and the evaluation criteria can be found at http://forum.electionstudies.org. You can also submit any questions you may have about the OC and/or the proposal process to anes-proposals@umich.edu. We will do our best to respond to any questions, review any proposals, and moderate any comments within 1-2 business days.