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Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior

Index of Tables

Listed are the primary-level ANES Guide tables. Many have links to
secondary tables as described in:
How to Use the ANES Guide.

1. Social and Religious Characteristics of the Electorate

1.A. Social Characteristics

1.B. Religion and Religious Practices

1.C. Political Knowledge

2. Partisanship and Evaluation of the Political Parties

2.A. Partisanship

2.B. Evaluation of the Parties

3. Ideological Self-Identification

4. Public Opinion on Public Policy Issues

4.A. Social Welfare and the Role of Government

4.B. Race

4.C. Social Issues

4.D. Military and Foreign Policy

4.E. Economy

5. Support for the Political System

5.A. Trust in Government

5.B. Efficacy

5.C. Government Responsiveness

5.D. Civic Duty

6. Political Involvement and Participation in Politics

6.A. Registration and Turnout

6.B. Campaign Participation

6.C. Mobilization

6.D. Political Engagement

7. Evaluation of the Presidential Candidates

7.A. Summary Evaluations

7.B. Candidate Affect

7.C. Candidate Traits

8. Evaluation of Congressional Candidates

8.A. Evaluations

8.B. Contact with Congressional Candidates

9. Vote Choice

9.A. Presidential Vote Choice

9.B. Congressional Vote Choice