ANES Online Commons


checkmark When can I post a proposal?

The timing is different for each ANES study. To learn the timing for the study you are interested in, click on the "Calendars and Deadlines" link for that study in the header of the Online Commons pages.

We recommend that you submit your proposal as early as possible in order to promote comments on and discussion of your proposal.

checkmark How do I submit a proposal?

Send proposals by email to "" in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format. For consistency and security reasons, ANES staff members will post your proposal on the Online Commons for you. Proposals sent in Word format will be translated to PDF format by an ANES staff member. Each proposal will then be assigned a unique proposal number and posted as a new discussion in the appropriate Online Commons forum.

For quickest processing, in the email that you send, please make sure to include all of the following items are addressed:

  1. The proposal itself should be attached to the email, in Adobe PDF or Word format

  2. The proposal should meet the formatting and length guidelines listed in the How to Prepare a Proposal document.

  3. There are no length restrictions on the title that appears in the proposal you are submitting, but in the body of your email please provide us a proposal title that does not exceed 50 characters in length. The 50 character title will be used in the OC when we post your proposal.

  4. Only Registered Users are allowed to post proposals and comments on the Online Commons. If a proposal has multiple authors, every author must be a Registered User before the proposal can be posted. In the body of your email please let us know your username, and the usernames of any remaining authors of the proposal.

    The usernames you provide will be attached to the proposal when we post it, so if you wish to post a proposal anonymously, make sure you provide us your anonymous username when you contact us. For additional information on obtaining an anonymous username, see the OC Registration Help and Information document.

    If any authors on your proposal have not yet registered, go ahead and submit the proposal, but then have everyone register at the OC registration page. If you submit a proposal and meet the deadline for that, even if your registration has not been processed yet, do not worry - we will still post your proposal, but not until after we have processed your registration.

checkmark How will I know that you have received my proposal successfully?

If it is the first time you have sent an email to the email address, you should receive an auto-response email that your proposal has been received. An actual, live ANES staff member will also send you a personal confirmation when they begin processing your proposal, whether you received the auto-response or not.

If you are submitting your proposal toward the end of the proposal submission period, there may be a delay in acknowledging and processing your proposal due to backlogs of proposals submitted at the last minute. However, as long as you submitted your proposal by the deadline, it will be considered received on time and posted as soon as possible. If you are submitting your proposal at the last minute, please save your "Sent" email to assist us in verifying that you submitted it on time, in case there is a technical issue and we do not receive it.

If you do not hear from us within one full business day of submitting your proposal, please contact us by email to and/or by telephone at 734-764-5494 (United States) to verify that we successfully received it.