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Current Dataset Release: 2015-May 28 version
2015-May-28 Release includes upcoding of Respondent 'Other' race mentions in var dem_racecps_othrace; not upcoded previously due to disclosure restrictions which were originally tighter. Race-ethnicity summary variable dem_raceeth_x also updated (build from race and Hispanic status variables) accordingly.


Previous Updates and Errata:

2015-May-19 Flag variable for web cases invited to participate in the ANES 2013 Internet Recontact Study. This variable will be added to the next full release of the 2012 Time Series study.
2015-Jan-25 Release for variable ofcrec_cj_correct: .5 value label added, -.6 & -.7 missing values changed to -6 and -7
2014-Nov-24 Release with candidate specific corrections and corrections to Inaps in vote section.
2014-Oct-1 Candidate-specific corrections: Some candidate-specific corrections are forthcoming for the 2012 Time Series Study and will be posted soon.
2014-Mar-10 Release with religion master coding, 7-category religion summary, and candidate and randomization variables

2014-Feb-17 Release with coded religion, age, and education variables
2014-Jan-17 Note for text variables in Stata 12 (or earlier) system files
2013-Aug-28 This release includes the addition of non-survey variables.
2013-Jul-30 Full release of racial self-identification and 2 other corrections.
2013-Jul-01 Corrects an error in the coding of the web data for 3 variables.
2013-Jun-13 Correction to web data variables.