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Current Dataset Release: 2017-Dec 19 version
2017-Dec-19 The ANES 2016 Time Series data have been re-released with several additional variables, including occupation and industry codes, the timing of the respondent's voting decision, interviewer observations about the dwelling units in the face-to-face sample, a summary score for "need to evaluate," and reasons for non-registration to vote.

Previous Updates and Errata

2017-May-2 The May 2, 2017 version of the initial release includes new variables containing interviewer observations, including the interviewer's observation of the respondent's skin tone. The data contained in these variables were collected for face-to-face interviews only. Interviewer observations were recorded following both the pre and post election surveys.

2017-April-3 Updates to the ANES 2016 Time Series study are available. The April 3, 2017 version includes important changes to the data for the following variables: Party ID (V161155 & V16158x), sexual orientation of R (V161511), pre-election survey media variables, party to deal with most important problem (V162117, V162119, V162121), country needs free thinkers (V162168), discrimination in the US (V162357-66), self discrimination (V162367). Corrections were also made to the number of post election cases with no-post interview. Many variable labels and code labels have also been updated.

2017-March-31 We thank several data users, including Alan Abramowitz, Ismail White, and Gary Jacobson, for noting a problem with the Party Identification data. The problem reflects a data processing error in which Internet questionnaire randomization was not correctly accounted for. The face-to-face data were not affected. We are preparing a corrected dataset for release as soon as possible.